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An Incubator by an Intrapreneur for Intrapreneurs


Came across this fascinating piece from the League of Intrapreneurs and it really piqued our interest. It’s called Tomorrow’s Markets Incubator.

It gives us a peek into the world of one innovative incubator. Here’s a short excerpt that we thought was worth sharing:

The incubator provides resources (by way of funding, coaching, etc.) for venture teams to research, prototype, pilot and scale new business models that profitably deliver products to underserved learners. Ultimately the incubator’s impact is three-fold: offer new career development opportunities for Pearson associates, foster a social innovation mindset throughout Pearson, and increase Pearson’s social impact.

If you want more from this awesome article, give it a quick read at the website linked below…

Check out the original content at Home – League of Intrapreneurs Global