Are You An Intrapreneur?


Bruce Wayne is an excellent entrepreneur – sacrificing his sleep, and his personal and social life in order to keep up with his start-up of ‘Justice In Gotham’ city. Taking risks, allocating wealth to support his cause, Wayne’s invention of Batman is an innovative disruptor of the crime world.

Any entrepreneur, corporation or  organisation, needs a stable core team – or otherwise known as a group of “Intrapreneurs.”

These are the people who come up with answers to problems, the ones that make out of box thinking a reality, the ones who enable Bruce Wayne to rise up to the occasion and do his Batman thing.

So how do you know if YOU are different from a regular employee?

You are fully invested

You have faith and confidence in your team and in their abilities and you become successful by helping others succeed. An Intrapreneur will always be emotionally connected to the people and the product. You feel sorrow in bad times and are a part of the joy when milestones are conquered. Your team is your extended family, and loyalty is important to you.

A problem-identifier-come-solution-provider

You often save the day, fix things or find a way ahead. You make decisions on your own, when your team is stuck, becoming the torch bearer to lead the way out of the cave. If a plant doesn’t bloom, you focus on fixing the environment in which it grows, instead of focusing on the plant.


Intrapreneurs are innovative. You are a passionate self-starter who is ambitious enough to further your career without the help of others.

Not strictly money-motivated

Another trait of an intrapreneur is that they’re not typically money-motivated. You might appreciate a monetary bonus, but it’s not what drives you to succeed.

You believe in the idea

You have faith in the growth potential of the idea. Believing in the idea encourages you to contribute to the organisation in a way that makes you an essential part of the team.

You are ready to pivot

Being adaptable is another sign of an  intrapreneur. You know when you have an awesome idea and are willing and able to change course if you discover that that idea needs a different strategy to bring it to life. You take risks with your career choices.

Intrapreneurs often forego well paid or secure jobs for the chance to work in roles that promise personal and professional growth. They are excited by the exhilaration of a steep learning curve.

You take a long haul approach

An intrapreneur moves at a patient and consistent pace, much like a distance athlete. And like a distance athlete, you are equally good at reading the climate and knowing when to accelerate. It can take time to open a door in a corporate culture and when it does you are prepared and ready to run very quickly.

Thirsty for knowledge

An intrapreneur is a life-long learner and always thirsty for knowledge. Learning new skills means you are able to come up with innovative ideas for the organisation and then take the next step to nurture that innovative idea.An intrapreneur doesn’t just come up with an innovative idea and leave it at that; you put in the time and effort to nurture that idea through to completion.

You’re comfortable working with many bosses

You are comfortable with many bosses and stakeholders. If you have a worthwhile idea, you will be presenting it over and over to each stakeholder. You may have convinced one person that your idea is amazing but there will be a whole line of folks all acting as gatekeepers.