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Businesses Are Required to Constantly Transform


Came across this fascinating article from the FInancial Review and thought that we would share it. It’s called ‘Transformation as Usual’ is Here to Stay.

There are some really thought-provoking ideas being shared by David Maloney here. This one’s particularly intriguing: 

I believe that “transformation as usual”, or TAU, is a term that is here to stay. The old “business as usual” (BAU) won’t cut it in a business environment that is moving at breakneck speed.

TAU speaks to the need to respond to ever-changing demands in business at a speed and magnitude that hasn’t previously been required. Every company needs one or more types of transformation program operating at some level on an ongoing basis.

 It’s an article rich in insight so do give the rest of it a read if you want more just as compelling as this one…

Check out the original content at Financial Review