Change Leadership and How it Promotes Organizational Relevance


There’s quite a lot of gems that are quite absorbing in this article from Smart Brief. The piece is called Leading From Zero: Sustaining Organizational Relevance.

Here’s a small snippet that really resonated with us:

Each element of sustainability is a process. Expecting the unexpected, anticipating uncertainty and aligning with changing conditions are characteristics of leading from zero. Sustaining these processes requires recognition that the business environment is dynamic, in perpetual motion.


When leaders embrace these sustainability perspectives, team members learn they are change agents with their fingers on the pulse of dynamic operating conditions outside and within the organization. Leaders set the tone by defining their organization as living, breathing, learning ecosystems, reflecting aggregate motion and sentiment of their members.

It’s an article packed with a ton of thought-provoking insights. To read about all of them, just click on this link to Smart Brief.