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Changing the Work Culture by Respecting Employees’ Life Outside Work


Here’s a simple yet innovative way that one CEO is creating a positive work culture in his company: respecting his employees’ social lives. Ian Sohn, a single father and the president of Wunderman Chicago digital agency, shared the personal beliefs that have shaped the work culture of the company he currently leads on a now-viral LinkedIn post. Bronwyn Isaac of Good website writes about the lively discussion and positive responses that Sohn’s post sparked. 

Here’s one highlight from the article:

Years ago a very senior colleague reacted with incredulity that I couldn’t fly on 12 hours notice because I had my kids that night (and I’m a single dad. edit: divorced). I didn’t feel the least bit guilty, which I could tell really bothered said colleague. But it still felt horrible. I never want you to feel horrible for being a human being.

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