Liberating Leadership, Innovation and Creativity



Every business or corporation needs an intrapreneur amongst its ranks.

They are the employees with an enterprising spirit working within a business or organisation to facilitate change, innovation and transformation. They are the workers with drive, ambition, tenacity and a clear focus towards the future and a never give up attitude.

An intrapreneur is that one employee, who is prepared to go out on a limb, be progressive, rise to a challenge, look for a solution and learn from mistakes. Intrapreneurs are the dreamers who do; those creative thinkers who feel compelled to take action.

Intrapreneurs exist on all tiers of business from the very bottom to the top and everywhere in between. Every workplace has them but acknowledging them is a completely different ball game. Not every workplace recognises, values and nurtures the intrapreneurial spirit, which is a huge loss to both the business and the employee with the intraprenurial disposition.

In the fast paced, competitive world of business, having an intrapreneur is a huge advantage and could be the key to unlocking your hidden profits.

Intrapreneurs can be a company’s secret weapon and one of their greatest assets. They are the employees who can help drive your business and expose potential, reduce costs, maximise profits and foster innovation.


Increase Revenue: Any employee with new ideas, initiatives and a strong work ethic will add value and revenue to your business. Intrapreneurs typically display exemplary customer service and traits which see them actively seeking out every available deal and opportunity. They have extraordinary sale skills and the ability to facilitate change and progress beneficial to company profits.

Reduce Costs: Intrapreneurs save companies time and money on the costs of research and development. With the savvy, insight and strong work ethos of a handful of motivated and forward focused employees, companies can save thousands of dollars every year by eliminating the need for expensive external research and development.

Foster Innovation: Intrapreneurs are big thinkers and big thinkers create and innovate. Nurturing the intrapreneurial spirit of your workers will keep your company at the forefront of the “innovation game”. Encouraging and rewarding employees who come up with new ideas and strategies will cement your place as a market leader.

Breed talent: Success breeds success. If a company adopts an “intrapreneurial” approach and embraces employees showing talent and ambition it is more likely that “success will breed success” and that the creativity of one employee will encourage other employees to reach out of their comfort zone and strive to achieve their goals.

Increase employee motivation and morale: In a corporate culture that celebrates creativity, talent, hard work and initiative you will find a sense of positivity amongst your employees. When people have the freedom to express ideas and initiate change, you will find that staff morale is high and workers are more motivated to work harder and be more productive.

Attract external talent: A company that embraces and nurtures an intrapreneurial mindset attracts like-minded thinkers. If your business fosters an intrapreneurial culture you will find that creative, motivated and upcoming intrapreneurs will come knocking at your door.


You get paid: The best thing about being an intrapreneur is that you get to act like an entrepreneur but with all the safety of being an employee. You get to make a difference and be creative and innovative and take risks but all with the safety net of a weekly wage and superannuation!

You make a difference: Anyone that is passionate can have an impact on the world. Intrapreneurs can use their creativity and innovation to change ideas and processes in the workplace. They can literally smash the glass ceiling and be champions for change.

Higher chance for long-term success: Intrapreneurs have better odds to being successful and achieving financial freedom than employees who are not as forward thinking and willing to be innovative and take risks. Intrapreneurs typically take opportunities that are presented to them and use them as springboards for the future.

Intrapreneurs can be any company’s greatest assets. They can potentially be more profitable than any product or service you have on offer. So don’t forget to actively look out for up and coming intrapreneurs within your company. Foster and nurture them so that they can unlock the hidden profits in your business – you might just find that your companies future survival will depend on them!