How to Innovate Our Way Out of 2020


This piece from hits all the right notes. It’s an article called 5 Key Trends in Innovation and How Leaders Can Capitalize On Them in 2021.

It’s got some really nice ideas especially now that 2020 seems like a never-ending nightmare for businesses. Here’s a little glimpse into the article’s ideas:

Innovation doesn’t just mean creating a slick new product; it can just as easily mean novel corporate restructuring, implementation of new workplace policies or refining recruitment tactics. Startup consultant Andrew Deen said it best when he wrote that high-EQ entrepreneurs are “good at putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and seeing challenges from different perspectives … these qualities typically make them excellent, respected communicators.”

If this little peek into the article got you intrigued, the rest of it should excite you. There’s a ton more of this at this link to