Kathryn Dyble: Being featured in Intrapreneur Magazine Can be Life Changing!


Kathryn Dyble was one of our 2019 contributors in Issue 2. We caught up with her nearly a year down the track to ask how her journey into intrapreneurialism has evolved. This is what she told us.

Being featured in INTRAPRENEUR MAGAZINE last year about my role as an Intrapreneur in the public sector had two unexpected outcomes.

The first was in relation to my professional reputation and visibility. There was a notable spike on my LinkedIn profile as well as receiving a number of speaking invitations for various events.

The second was a deeper and more transformative shift. I might even call it ‘an awakening’ that disrupted my thinking in both my professional and personal life. As an intrapreneurial leader my personal methodology focuses on empowering my team to solve business challenges, rather than dictating the solution. Empowerment is a word that gets used a lot, but true empowerment is about two things.

  1.  Understanding that the team is both individual and group and that our differences are our collective strength.
  2.  Fostering productive individuality by encouraging the belief that thinking differently is a powerful asset.

Our culture is now one where anyone can offer an idea, feedback, and the understanding that no problem should ever be approached with the phrase “it’s too hard”.

“Deepening my commitment to intrapreneurialism has been transformative for me.”