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Leadership Isn’t About Knowing Everything


In this article from Brene Brown, we learn a thing or two about how being a ‘knower’ can be a detriment to good leadership. It’s called The Courage To Not Know.

In it, there are some really interesting insights that we thought you ought to know. Here’s one of them:

Having to be the “knower” or always being right is heavy armor. It’s defensiveness, it’s posturing, and, worst of all, it’s a huge driver of bullshit. It’s also very common—most of us have some degree of knower in us. Unfortunately, needing to know everything is pretty miserable for the knowers and everyone around them. It leads to distrust, bad decisions, and unnecessary, unproductive conflict.

It’s a really interesting article that we think can enrich all of our leadership skills. So, if you want to learn more, take a look at the rest of it at the link below…

Check out the original content at Brené Brown