Sticking to What Works


Here’s another really good one from Forbes. It’s called Authentic Intrapreneurs Are Interested In Doing What Works.

In it, Tendaya Vicki shares some of his insights on innovation and intrapreneurialism. Here’s an excerpt that really got to the meat of his article:

Authentic intrapreneurs look beyond technology. In fact the Nintendo Wii proved that, even with inferior technology, an innovation can succeed when the team is focused on value propositions that resonate with customers and business models that work. This is what we are searching for as intrapreneurs. As such, our work, tools and methods must be deliberately chosen to support this pursuit. Everything else is a waste of valuable time and resources.

There are some really helpful insights here that can guide you through your very own intrapreneurial journey. Just click on this link to to read it in full.