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Taking a Cue from the Military on How to Hone Innovators in Industry


Came across this fascinating piece from Harvard Business Review and it really piqued our interest. It’s titled How Companies Can Develop Critical Thinkers and Creative Leaders.

It shares some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

In order to have people wrestle with what it takes to conceive of action plans where the aforementioned criteria constitute their only boundaries, the military structures its experiential training activities with wide parameters. Events are constructed to reflect ambiguity in the operating environment (while also targeting specific organization needs). Leaders are responsible for setting the conditions in every training event and resourcing them appropriately, as well as for reminding participants throughout the exercises that there are a myriad of potentially elegant solutions to each ill-defined challenge.

If you want more, give the full article a quick read at the website linked below…

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