Liberating Leadership, Innovation and Creativity



Having an entrepreneurial mindset within an organization can be frustrating if you don’t have the freedom and support to create new products and systems. Large enterprises are traditionally plagued with bureaucracy and red tape, leading to an inability to innovate, make decisions and adapt to the current environment. Intrapreneurs can be constantly frustrated by silo thinking, laborious approval processes and inflexible systems.

Fortunately, support technologies are emerging that can help intrapreneurs to collaborate, innovate and implement whatever the organization. Cloud technology and innovation software programs provide one central location for people from around the world to participate in all project phases.

Here are six that are hot right now.


Swarm Vision’s enterprise software platform uses predictive analytics to help leaders uncover hidden innovation talent in their workforce and candidate pools, to drive real business results from innovation.

Swarm Vision’s profiling platform enables each employee to be profiled and scored against eight innovation indicators  drive, disrupt, create, connect, control, think, deliver and give. It also places the individual in one of four horizons – continuous improvement, incremental innovation, adjacent and disruptive innovation, identifying the horizon they are likely to thrive in. The platform’s power is in being able to instantly aggregate and analyse individuals’ data to profile teams, departments and whole organizations, helping organisations to uncover and harness existing internal talent.


Idea management systems collect ideas from all areas of the organisation and encourage employees to capture all of their ideas, rather than losing their “eurakas!” forever. Idea management tools help employees to share ideas, comment on, add to and further improve each others ideas, and acquire knowledge by viewing others’ ideas.

Ideascale’s community members collaborate with one another as they suggest ideas while voting and commenting on the ideas of others. Integrations lower participation boundaries and make the experience more natural for all participants. The platform supports all phases of a project including idea submission, idea merge, gamification, campaign management, voting and commenting, as well as social media integration.


Atlassian, headquartered in Sydney Australia, is the number one software development tool used by agile teams, providing tools to help every team unleash their full potential. There are a number of solutions throughout every stage of development – plan, track and support, collaborate, code build and ship, security and identity. Two stand out solutions are Jira and Trello.

Jira Software allows every member of a software team to plan, track, and release great software. Teams can choose from a selection of out-of-the-box workflows, or customise their own. Trello is a visual collaboration tool. All project team members can see the big picture, or dive into the details, all on one Trello board.


While all file sharing platforms such as One Drive, Box and Dropbox can more than adequately do the job, Google Drive provides the best bang for the buck, offering 15GB of free storage, and 100GB of storage for $2/month. Syncing files among multiple users is easy, and setting permissions is a straightforward process.

Your choice of file sharing solutions may be determined by your preferred file type. Google Drive works best with Google products (such as Google docs and sheets) while OneDrive works best with Microsoft products such as Word Online and Excel Online.


Like Trello, Asana is a collaborative project management tool that is simple to learn and use to organise tasks and projects. Asana tends to be better for larger, more complex projects with longer timelines and more details to capture. Asana’s timeline feature allows you to map out the project plan, clearly see deadlines, identify conflicts and dependencies, and share the plan with the whole team. The visual boards help everyone to see where the project stands, while the document management capability ensures all information is held securely in one place.


The FileMaker platform is one of the most flexible and rapid ways to create applications that will set your business apart. You can either build a custom app yourself, or choose a trusted partner to help you.

Building your application professionally ensures it can grow and evolve with your business and will be an integral part of your business for a very long time, making your business more efficient, more consistent, more scalable and innovative.