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The Government Can Use A Bit More of that Intrapreneurship Magic


Intrapreneurship can blossom from within the government offices too. Here’s a shining example:

Discouraged by levels of employee attrition at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Anthony Soriano and Michael Lawyer formed the “Under Five,” an employee group that supports a sense of community and champions changes favored by the workforce. For example, some employees were frustrated when the agency failed to support Google Chrome as a browser on its computers. The HUD team placed a voting poll on an existing (but rarely used) platform called “HUD Ideas in Action”; more than 100 employees voted within a single day for Chrome, and the browser was reinstated. Now HUD’s deputy secretary reviews any proposal that receives more than 100 votes on HUD Ideas in Action, amplifying the voices of employees. “We’re doing it because we want to see HUD get better,” says Soriano.

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