The Key Difference Between Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur


There’s a ton of genius insights in this article from Entrepreneur. It’s called Why Intrapreneurs Are Not Just Entrepreneurs Working Inside Large Companies.

Here’s a short excerpt that we thought was particularly fascinating:

Typically, we tell both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs  that, for their innovations to succeed, they have to focus on meeting their customers’ needs. However, for intrapreneurs there is an internal customer that they also have to serve. Very few innovations inside companies can succeed without leadership support. This means intrapreneurs have to understand their leaders’ strategic goals and ensure that their innovation projects are aligned to this. Unlike, entrepreneurs who can seek funding from several venture capital firms, intrapreneurs have only one venture capital firm to work with.

There’s a lot more wisdom in this piece left to be devoured. To gain access, just click on this link to