Use Your Intrapreneurial Skills To Boost Your Career


You are an innovative thinker who applies the principles of entrepreneurship to your own career. This means you use the power of risk tolerance and problem solving to resolve business challenges in your jobs.

Unleashing your intrapreneurial skills to their full potential can make a real difference at work, and open your leadership team’s eyes to the value that you – and you alone – can bring to your company.

Ideally, everyone would spend their days at the office feeling challenged and motivated to go the extra mile for their company, To avoid feeling complacent about your job, try challenging yourself to remove self-imposed limits on your potential.

Not all companies have formal intrapreneurship programs, and the leaders within your company (managers, executives and the CEO) may not see it as part of their role to support people who tread their own path. Perhaps you want to bring your company on board or approach another to unlock for full potential. Here are some ways to show your worth.

It’s a win-win for your employer

The biggest benefit of intrapreneurship is everyone wins. Your employer wins because they have an employee who is focused on innovation, has motivation to help the company grow and create new opportunities.

All companies need people who will take initiative and use their entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation and sharpen the company’s competitive edge.

You understand their organisation. As an intrapreneur, you understand your organisation’s challenges and your employer can benefit from your ability to recognise and categorise pain points within your department, as well as the larger company. This helps them to see why they should support your ideas and let you streamline improvements. Learning from your past experiences, while offering constructive feedback and potential solutions to
recurring problems, is an invaluable skill set to an employer.

Invaluable problem solving. One of the best ways to get recognition within your organisation is to come up with a creative solution to an existing problem. By looking at the issues and bottlenecks that affect productivity and cause headaches for other people, especially your boss, mean you are far more likely to get you the go-ahead on your other ideas.

You help evolve the organisation from the inside out. While an entrepreneur’s focus is on their business, an intrapreneur’s critical skills and passion are used for the benefit of his or her organisation. By building your knowledge, relationships and resources, you can add tremendous value to your organisation and help it to grow. You also create new opportunities at your company by scaling new initiatives across the organisation that can benefit all employees.

You identify the gaps. A powerful attribute of both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is their ability to identify gaps within a given plan or structure. Whether you require marketing advice, or you just need to expand your network, find the missing elements of your place, as well as the available resources that will help you reach your business objectives and improve the company overall.

Their passion is your passion. An intrapreneur is fueled not by money, but a passion for the idea or the company itself. Having someone working in the best interests of the company, with an honest desire to be a part of its success, and genuine desire to learn and improve from setbacks, is invaluable to an organisation.

The Benefits For You

As an employee, you win because you’ll embody the traits and characteristics companies look for in top performers. You’ll show the ambition they want in future leaders. Being innovative will open the door for new opportunities internally and externally. It will build your resume and help you establish yourself as a top talent in your industry.

You’ll have stability and access to resources. Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Have visions of owning a business? Being an intrapreneur provides you with the opportunity to see if entrepreneurship is the right fit for you, without any of the risks of leaving your job, investing your own money, and starting from the ground up. You can test the waters with a safety net while having access to more resources and a larger platform.

You can find your individual motivation. Taking on a more dynamic role and looking for new and creative ways to get more out of your current role can help you find your personal motivation. You can identify what drives you to succeed, and also what doesn’t. It can help you shape your career direction.

Create career opportunities. You can have a great impact on the success of an organisation, while creating a win-win scenario for you. Think about how you can be more creative and innovative. It could change your current role and your career path. Intrapreneurs are some of the most valuable employees to an organisation, which in turn, strengthens your job security and earning potential.

So, what are you waiting for?