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What Not To Do As an Intrapreneur


Came across this fascinating article from Forbes and thought that it would be perfect to share here. It’s called Five Mistakes Intrapreneurs Make When Trying to Change Their Companies.

In it, leadership strategist Tendayi Viki, shares some fascinating insights. Here’s one that we found particularly thought-provoking: 

Some intrapreneurs think they are Elon Musk. I am often shocked by the condescending language they use to describe their colleagues. Their contempt for leaders ‘that don’t get it’ is palpable.  You can feel their frustration and righteous anger every time you speak to them. I believe that this righteous indignation is problematic. In fact, I can almost predict which innovators are going to flame out of their roles quickly by how much humility they lack. So let’s dispense with any myths you may have about yourself. You are not Elon Musk! You are not a hero here to save the company – and you are not working in a company full of idiots.

He makes a lot more of these interesting points in his article so do check the rest of it out at the link below…

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